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Do you watch the Olympics at your house? We do! The time change makes this more difficult this year, but we'll be glued to the highlights in the Reid house.

This makes me think of a math question.

Christina, Martha, Natalie and Silvia are figure skaters who competed in the Winter Olympics.

Silvia, Martha, Christina and Natalie each finished in first, second, third or fourth in the figure skating event. There were no ties. Silvia, Martha, Christina and Natalie are also from different countries. One is from Canada, one is from China, one is from Croatia and one is from New Zealand.

Using the following clues, determine who placed first, second, third and fourth, and for which country each athlete was competing.

1. Christina did not beat Martha in the competition.
2. The Croatian athlete did not finish in first place.
3. The athlete from New Zealand finished in fourth place.
4. Silvia finished ahead of the competitor from China.
5. Christina competes for a country starting with ā€˜Cā€™.
6. Silvia is not from Canada.

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Question courtesy of the Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing
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