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Our final exams are happening at the end of June. They are still many weeks away and we'll have lots of preparation time, but they still loom large!

This makes me think of a math question.

The following information is known about the results of a recent math test: 
  • there were three questions on the test; 
  • each question was worth 5 marks;
  • each question was marked right or wrong (no part marks);
  • 30% of the students got all 3 questions correct;
  • 40% of the students got exactly 2 questions correct; 
  • 25% of the students got exactly 1 question correct; and 
  • 5% of the students got no questions correct. 
Determine the overall class average for this test.

I think it would be fair to say that I am triple dog daring you to do this question with your son or daughter.
Joe/Mr. Reid
Question courtesy of the Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing
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